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January 14, 2003
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Surreal Sunset by i337m1k3 Surreal Sunset by i337m1k3
surreal- Having an oddly dreamlike quality.

this wasnt meant to be to realistic... i went for a more surreal look and personally i like it... i put the stars and the moon in because someone commetned on one of my older peices and said it would look good with stars so i tried it and it looked great! thanx to supern0va
progs: terragen, 3dsmax, photoshop

*comments always appreaciated and are very helpful*
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Wow!! I am transported to your world
Wow.... I love it
furryphotos Mar 1, 2003  Professional Photographer
Despite the flat looking clouds i'd say that the distortion works well here. Even though it s bit dark, the colours come out well.
The moon thing on the left needs a better blending... the layout looks great... the sun setting is off the hinges.. i got to tell you that.
orb-gettarr Jan 18, 2003
Hoops, forgot to vote! heh!
orb-gettarr Jan 18, 2003
This is very nice work, although personally, I haven't made much use of rendering programs even though I have Bryce 4.0 installed...

It's prolly 'cause I do intend to use it for certain applications, but in my own particular style (if you can call it that) I pretty much prefer something without pre-conceived concepts for my own works..

You can tend to get too "trendy" with 3D rendering programs, although some interpretations (including this one) can be quite unique...

I particularly like the mirroring quality of the water reflecting the sky, and the sunset colors..
the "eye" at the upper left (woops, my other left! LoL) adds a little twist of mystery, or perhaps a "cosmic" undertone..

Here's to hoping from more developments from ~i337..
Very nice but i'd recommend erasing the stars from top of the clouds it would be more suitable this way i think :) (Smile)
nope Jan 15, 2003  Hobbyist Photographer
"....view it! comment on it!" and i thought, oh well, why not.... (read my own personal quote about this)

its cool.... but i think the sun shouldn't be in the centre... place it off-centred and place a detailed object in the very front of the picture instead... would make a better field of depht... like the transparent moon ....
Hmm, those stars do need some work, differing intensities and perhaps behind both the planet and clouds would help the effect along nicely. I think also if you reduced the wide angle of the render, it would help things merge better too - the bottom appears stretched out whilst the new additions are not.

The effort is there though - good to see the experimentation happening :) (Smile)
Whoa, I was wondering, this is too good to be a photo O_o Great work on this artificial sunset, though I still prefer the real ones... Hug
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